Aromatherapy Scents in your home

Aromatherapy Scents In The Home

Aromatherapy scents in the home can be transformational and capturing the perfect scent for each room will help dramatically transform and elevate the space.

While candles are great, you should consider other ways of injecting fragrance into each room. For example, linen sprays and oil reed diffusers are an easy way to infuse refined scents, reducing the need to have candles constantly burning.

Tea Tree for Bathrooms

Harsh cleaning products can smell pungent, and bringing your fragrances into your bathroom can be challenging. Therefore, a powerful scent is needed to cut through the bleach products used and leave your room smelling amazing.

Tea tree provides a crisp, fresh scent and is powerful enough to abolish the residual bleachy smell left behind by cleaning products. An oil reed diffuser placed on top of the toilet or windowsill will drastically improve the room’s smell. Additionally, add a few drops of tea tree essential oil to the toilet after flushing for a more subtle way to incorporate a beautiful scent into your bathroom.

If you want to take this one step further, you could develop your cleaning product to keep your sink, bathtub and other surfaces looking and smelling fantastic. For example, mix baking soda, tea tree oil, and liquid soap to leave your surfaces gleaming. When using tea tree in an en-suite bathroom, consider using a linen spray on your bedsheets to help tie the room together, evoking all of the senses.

Lavender for Bedrooms

Ground-breaking? No. Yet there is a reason it is the first choice of many interior designers, time and time again. Lavender has been used as a sleep aid for centuries and was traditionally prescribed for those who have insomnia. In addition, lavender treats restlessness, anxiety, and nerves and is the worst-kept secret to a great night’s sleep.

Consider candles, oil reed diffusers, and a pillow sleep spray. The scent is subtle and particularly beautiful in the spring when the lavender encompasses the changing seasons. It is recommended you carry this fragrance to your spare rooms so each bedroom in the home has a relaxing and cohesive scent.

Citrus for Kitchens

Cooking smells penetrate the kitchen and can be challenging to mask. In addition, fragrances in the room can mix with the lingering smell of food, so you must choose a fresh, crisp scent. 

The sharp scent of citrus will cut through the air, banishing the smell of last night’s dinner quickly. Lighting a citrus-based candle after you have cooked will help cover the odours and leave your kitchen refreshed and revitalised. When you wake to brew your morning coffee, it is great to be welcomed by such a fresh fragrance. Using a citrus-based cleaning spray around your dustbin will also help freshen up the room – a particular problem area that can cause many kitchen issues.

Ginger Scent in The Office

As more of us now work from home, a home office has become integral to a well-rounded house. You are likely spending a considerable percentage of your day in this room, so it is essential that it not only looks but smells fantastic.

Ginger provides the perfect solution for the office, with properties known to fight fatigue. Ginger tea is excellent for stimulating the brain and increasing productivity; the scent bouncing around your home will create the same effect. In addition, ginger is known to reduce feelings of lethargy and sadness, so it should keep you inspired throughout your working day.

Deep Berries for the Living Room

Your living room is likely where your family spends most of their time. So, a careful balance is required from the scent you choose. It must be strong enough to keep the room smelling great but subtle enough to prevent overpowering. Blackberry scents work exceptionally well for living spaces. They offer a deep and mature fragrance that will sit in the background, providing a delicate aroma for the room.

As well as candles and diffusers, be sure to use fabric sprays for your sofas and other soft furnishings. Especially if you have children or pets, fabric sprays are an excellent way to freshen up the room.

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