Take the best photographs to sell your property

How to take the best photographs to sell your property!

Making sure you take the best photographs to sell your property is an essential step when selling your home and is integral to an effective marketing strategy.

Your photos need to look fantastic and stand out in a busy market. In addition, the images need to be an accurate and honest representation of the property, which is why staging your home before the professional photographer arrives is crucial.

If you are not hiring professional home stagers, there are some simple steps you can take to prepare your home in the best possible way before we send our professional photographers out to capture your home at its best!

Pay Attention to the Front of The Property

Even the nicest of cars cause distraction. Remove your vehicle from the driveway to give the viewers the full impact of the outside space and an unobstructed view of the front of the property. Additionally, ensure garage doors are closed. Minor changes will significantly impact the overall quality of the photography.

If you usually keep the bins at the front of the property, ensure they are hidden away from any shots. Thoroughly clean windows and windowsills to provide that the all-important front image of the home is immaculate.

Take time to tidy the front garden, giving the best first impression. Mow the lawn, trim any hedges, and remove empty plant pots.

Make Your Gardens Attractive

Gardens are often a huge draw for potential buyers, both those who are breaking free from the rental market and those climbing up the property ladder. But, of course, gardens are subject to personal taste. Still, neat lawns, clean decking, smart patios and clearly defined eating areas are what buyers want, so take time to prepare them before the arrival of your photographer.

Showcase Your Bedrooms

Remove any signs stuck on bedroom doors, especially common in children’s rooms. Store away children’s toys that may eliminate part of your target audience. If you don’t have the storage room, hide them in the car while the photographer is working!

Make all the beds and plump up the pillows. If any cushions look past their best, hide them out of shot. Items like this can do more harm than good and make the whole room look tired.

Add Sparkle to Your Bathroom

Bathrooms and kitchens are the main rooms that can draw viewers to a home. Simple hacks in the bathroom can drastically elevate your photographs. Make sure the toilet seats are down and mirrors are sparkly clean with no watermarks or smudges.

As bathrooms are often small, create space by being as minimal as possible. Store away cosmetic items such as shampoo, lotions, or razors. The bright colours of the bottles can be unattractive and distracting when photographed.

Remove Kitchen Clutter

Kitchens are the heart of the home, and a beautiful kitchen is often the factor that convinces unsure potential buyers. Clear all surfaces, leaving minimal appliances in view. This will prevent clutter from causing distraction and give the illusion of a more extensive and fresher space with plenty of work surfaces.

DOn’t Distract with Electronics

Turn off the TV and any computers and ensure there are no loose electronic devices left on countertops, distracting for people viewing the images. The last thing you want to see are beautiful images of your home with a distracting TV show in the corner of the otherwise perfect photo.

Let in The Light

Open curtains and blinds wide to let the natural light flow through the home. Your photographer will then be able to manipulate the light to show your home in the best, most natural way possible. If you have blinds, open them tilted upwards. This will push the natural light towards the ceiling, allowing it to illuminate without being too harsh for photography.

GIve Your Pets a Day Out!

Although you love them, it is best to keep pets out of your listing photographs, whether a cat, dog or hamster. If possible, remove the pet from home for the whole day, as this will give you an excellent opportunity to clean and get ready for staging and prevent them from getting in the way of the photographer. In addition to the pet itself, make sure any pet toys, food bowls and beds are out of shot.

Last but not least, tidy up the garden, ensuring no waste or pet toys are lying around.

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