Selling your house XMAS New Year

If you are selling your home, this is a great time to position yourself for the post-Christmas wave of new buyers!

Many sellers are still keen to sell before Christmas, and with the proper marketing and attractive pricing, there is every reason to capture buyers’ attention. However, as soon as the distraction of the festive season is finished, and with more time on their hands, there is a surge in people looking to buy, and competition heats up.

Last year Rightmove reported a 50% increase in the number of people on their site looking for properties during this period. With this customary Boxing Day boost of buyers looking to buy properties, now can be the perfect time to get your home ready for market and capitalise on launching first while also attracting this new wave of new buyers.

If you are looking to sell and buy and get your home sold early, it also puts you in a stronger buying position for your new property. First, however, there are a few rules to follow, such as:

Get your professional pictures done before decorating so the advert won’t look dated.  If your listing is up beyond Christmas, having photographs with Christmas decorations is the fastest way to date your property.

Also, think about not having too many decorations when you do put the decorations up. Getting into the Christmas spirit is excellent, and making your home feel festive will help buyers see themselves in the property during the holiday period. But don’t overdo the decorations, as this could detract from the property itself. Check out our blog on tips when selling your home at Christmas here.

Ensure you complete all your selling requirements, such as your Home Report.  For example, surveyors will have properties pre-booked and need time to write up their reports in advance of seasonal holidays, so it is worth getting this scheduled as soon as you can.

It is worth noting that if you decide to hold off listing until the New Year, you may miss out on the busy online searching between Christmas and New Year. And, of course, you also have less property competition for your property if you get your listings up early.

If you are considering selling and want to discuss your options, please get in touch. We will be delighted to support you on your moving journey.

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