Selling Your Home at XMAS

Tips for selling your house at Christmas

Are you looking for tips for selling your house at Christmas? Are you asking yourself whether you should decorate your home when selling up? If so, it’s a good question. Of course, not all buyers will appreciate your décor, and it could lose you a sale. But selling your home at Christmas doesn’t mean you must go bah ‘humbug for the entire season. You can do some things to spruce up the festivities the right way, as long as you keep it simple.

To help you sell your home, here are our top tips on decorating your home at Christmas that won’t impact your sale.

Three Things To Avoid

1. Decorating Before the Professional Photos

While it may be tempting to put up your decorations before the photographer has stopped by, don’t. Estate agents aim to sell your home as quickly as possible. But sometimes, a sale can take a few months before the right buyer appears. If this happens, people browsing your online listing in spring will spot the Christmas tree and could be put off. So don’t take the risk!

2. Outdoor Decorations

If you usually light up your exterior like a Christmas tree, give it a miss this year. The kerb appeal is the first impression a buyer will have of your home. This can be a massive turn-off if you have climbing a Santa and flashing lights everywhere. Instead, keep it simple, like a small, sophisticated wreath on the front door if you want something outside.

3. Window Displays

Natural light is a huge selling point. However, if you have swinging elves and sprayed-on snowflakes covering your windows, this could hinder the amount of natural light coming in. Keep the windows clear to keep things as they usually do.

Three Things You Can Do to Decorate at Christmas

1. Keep it Subtle

When a buyer walks in, you want them to notice the space. Unfortunately, decorations can distract buyers from the essential things. It can even put them off your home entirely. To keep things neutral, stick to a Christmas tree and a few festive items that are small or subtle.

2. Opt For Neutral Colours

We know that bright reds and greens are cheery at Christmas. But too many colours can damage the overall vibe of your home. If you’re going to decorate, keep the colours neutral. The same applies to any tree lights. Ditch the multi-coloured bulbs and opt for a warm or cool LED light.

3. Add Festive Smells

A fresh and inviting smell can help it stand out to buyers. It can even make your home appear more appealing. A great way of making your home feel festive when you’re selling up is to add pleasant smells, like cinnamon or sweet cookies. A scent that isn’t overpowering can help you feel festive without putting buyers off.

Finally, it is although buyers at Christmas in general have a greater desire to move quickly having an Estate Agent who knows the current market conditions can be key to pitching your property at the right price.

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