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When selling your home, should you be at the viewings?

You have decided to sell your house in West Lothian but are unsure what to do about viewings. Should a seller conduct their viewings, or should the agent accompany each one?  So, let’s break it down for you.

Viewings are essential to the selling process, and each estate agent’s approach differs. Some agents advise that you know your home best, so you should lead the viewings. Some other agents will recommend they conduct all viewings. We are in the latter category. You are paying for an expert service, which you should be getting! So why do we recommend that we can showcase your home better than you?

We are specialists in our field, and you are paying for experience, knowledge and the ability to sell your home. A good agent can tune into what a buyer wants and show the positives of the property that will most apply to them. There is a talent for understanding your potential buyer and an experience in spotting what will work.

Buyers feel more comfortable with the agent as they can have a really good look around and ask questions that they may not do with a seller.

If the buyer has any objections, then your estate agent can address them and discuss any concerns. A buyer is less likely to raise objections to the seller face to face as they don’t want to offend. Buyers often say they like something when they don’t if they talk to the homeowner directly. If the agent is showing the property, the buyers tend to be more upfront, so they will ask questions and give honest feedback. That way, the buyer won’t leave the viewing with unanswered questions, so it is essential the agent conducts the first viewing.

On the first viewing, we always advise you to leave the property and take any pets or children out for a walk, making the whole experience more comfortable for the buyers, who can feel relaxed in your home.

When it comes to the second viewing, the best approach is for the agent to show the property again. Second viewings allow the buyer to look with their head and not their heart, so they will have many questions to ask. Your agent should also be skilled in negotiating, so if any conversations come up regarding offers, then your agent should be able to talk the price up and confirm why the property is worth a certain amount. They can also advise on any other interest in the property.

Towards the end of the viewing, at times, where appropriate, it is beneficial for the buyers and sellers to meet. It allows buyers and sellers to put a face to each other, and if both parties can relate to each other and respect each other, that can be helpful in the conveyancing process. If there are any issues to overcome, both parties can be more accommodating and flexible. Again, it may not always be suitable for buyers and sellers to meet, and your agent can offer you advice.

So, in summary, we recommend that the estate agent is involved in all viewings. Why?  Because your estate agent should be trained and highly skilled at conducting a viewing and selling houses, they will put your buyer at ease, and make the viewing experience a comfortable and enjoyable one. A happy viewer means a better chance of them making an offer.  


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