Christmas Decorations to Avoid When Selling Your Home

Christmas Decorations to avoid when selling your house!

Many of us have already put our decorations up, and if you are selling your house and have been following our blog, then you would have read our top tips for selling your home at XMAS.  However, if you missed it, and with the festive season looming, we wanted to share some free advice on where to stop with the Christmas Decorations.  

If your decorations put off your viewers, there is a price to pay! New research has shown that 38% of potential buyers said that if they were deterred from viewing a property during the festive period, they wouldn’t bother returning after the festive season.

So with that in mind, think more about transforming your home into an interior designer’s dream than a cluttered Santa’s grotto and avoid the risk of your home putting people off. But what is on Santa’s naughty list?

1. No, no, no to a blowup Santa, snowman or reindeer and also no, no, no to big flashing outdoor Christmas lights. In fact, without getting all Grinch, just say to no all outdoor decorations, bar maybe a tasteful wreath on the door. Large inflatable Christmas characters were the worst offenders, with more than 1 in 4 saying this decor made a property less appealing. In addition, nearly a quarter of participants (24%) said loud outdoor Christmas lights and decorations would deter them from viewing a home listed for sale.

2. We all like a bit of giggle, and in Scotland, we are known for our sense of humour, but most homebuyers dislike decorations in a sexually suggestive position. Decorations making rude gestures, such as hand signals, were also very much on Santa’s naughty list!

3. Think minimal and stylish for your indoor decorations. This is not about what we may like – let’s be honest, most of us love when our homes come alive with the festive feel with twinkly lights, tinsel, fake snow, and glittering baubles, but this is not about us! 22% of people stated they avoid properties with garish and cluttered internal Christmas decorations.

4. Also, try to stick to one colour theme. Subtle decoration is the preference rather than every colour of the rainbow. Don’t throw cool and warm tones together; try to have a consistent theme around the house. Also, try to opt for a palette with white lights to give a more neutral and all-around appeal.

5. Finally, as at all times when selling your home, declutter! If you have so many decorations up that people can’t see your house, it’s never a good thing! Remember: less is more.

There’s no harm in getting into the Christmas spirit, but think more gentle twinkle than full-on Times Square Christmas lights! We do say, however, light the fire if you have one! Nothing is more inviting than finding a roaring fireplace awaiting you on a cold winter’s day. 

So, remember avoid too many outdoor Christmas lights and decorations when people are coming to view your home. Some decorations could be scuppering your chances of selling your home, and that’s a Christmas no one wants!

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