3 bedroom houses in west lothian

3 Bedroom Properties For Sale In West Lothian

There has been considerable interest in living in West Lothian since pre-2020, and you could conclude this demand is focused on one key area or size of the property. However, that is not the case, so we thought we would feature the various “types” of properties being searched and what is available, starting this week with 3-bedroom houses for sale in West Lothian.

So, let’s start with the why? Well, a three-bedroom house is ideal for families or people wanting to get off the rental market and get on the property ladder by buying with friends or family. There is also the argument that with the cost of moving home, more people try and plan for growth, so they don’t need to sell and buy each time they “outgrow” their current property. Furthermore, with the increase in home working, 3-bedroom properties can offer that much sought-after flexibility for a home office. So, all in all, it positions 3-bedroom homes right in the sweet spot!

As for the why West Lothian – well, the excellent quality of life, much in the way of leisure activities and outdoors, superb commutability and of course growing families want good schools. Last but not least, downsizers want suitable accommodation that is cheaper and easier to manage, say, for example, from a high-maintenance traditional stone townhouse in Edinburgh to a more sustainable and eco-friendlier house.

There will always be buyer demand for three-bedroom houses, and with these properties continuing to offer flexibility added to the benefit of good commuter links, the level of interest in our three-bedroom properties in West Lothian continues. While we have new properties coming to market weekly, we currently have three 3-bedroom homes for sale in West Lothian – click on any property to see all their details:

Find your dream property to buy by registering your interest so we can contact you directly when suitable new properties are launched. For many buyers, three is the magic number – maybe it is for you too?

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