Are you looking for houses and flats for sale in West Lothian

Are you looking for flats and houses for sale in West Lothian?

If you are, it shows you have taste! This region is packed with many benefits, from beautiful countryside, great commuter routes, great schools, excellent shopping, friendly communities and a rich and diverse heritage. This is why looking for a property in West Lothian is so popular, and to help you out, here are our top 10 tips on how to get the home of your dreams:

1. Register with us at! Why? For one, we are a leading independent West Lothian Estate Agent with decades of experience and know this region inside and out. Most importantly, however, we deeply care about our buyers and sellers. We have connected so many homeowners with their new homes simply because we specifically know precisely their needs and wishes, but if we don’t know you, we can’t contact you – so get in touch!

2. Check out the region! Sometimes people miss out on the perfect home by not exploring new areas and checking them out at different times. You may be looking for a more lively place in the evenings or a quiet, family-friendly neighbourhood, so it is good to wander around and talk to the locals!

3. Ask questions! We know this sounds obvious, but sometimes viewers feel their questions are simple or get the impression the estate agent wants to avoid talking! However, no question is too simple, and ANY estate agent worth their salt will know everything they can about the property and the area, and what they know may inform your decision.

4. Know your style. The more you tell an estate agent, the easier it will be to match you with potential homes as they come to the market.

5. Plan for the future. What looks best for you now may be different from what you want in the near future. e.g. that ready-to-move-in 2-bedroom may work for you now, but the 3-bedroom that needs a little fixing out will give you more flexibility and financial security for the future. 

6. Understand what you can afford and engage an experienced independent mortgage broker. They will get you a mortgage Agreement in Principle (AIP) which indicates how much you’ll be able to borrow from a mortgage lender. 

7. Don’t get sidetracked by interior design. We support our new sellers with advice on staging and decorating; however, not every seller has the time or resources to commit to what may be required. So remember, a seller’s taste may not be your taste! However, whether you do it yourself or enlist the help of an interior designer, internal decor can be changed, so don’t lose out on the vision of the property because of some dated wallpaper and drapes!

8. Create a checklist. When it comes to viewing homes, there are so many things on your mind you can easily overlook some of them. If you keep a list with you, you can save a record of your critical must-haves.

9. Be patient. Market forces can determine how quickly or slowly you have to move; however, that does not mean you should hurry your decision, as you could end up with a property you don’t truly love as your dream home. If you have an agent you trust, they can advise you on the current market forces.

10. Stay flexible! This comes back to creating a rapport with a good estate agent who will help provide properties you may have yet to think of. You may want a specific area or type of home, but don’t get too fixated on it and overlook the otherwise perfect house that’s missing a particular feature. Stay flexible, be willing to compromise, and you’ll be sure to find your dream home. We have connected numerous buyers to properties they would have dismissed by understanding their needs, and in nearly all cases, they not only fell in love with them but bought them!

Finding your dream home might take a while, but you’ll know when you find the one! So contact us today to register your interest and let Property Webb be at the heart of your move.

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