Four ways to add value to your property without extending

Four Ways To Add Value To Your Property Without Extending

Here are four ways to add value to your home without the significant expense of an extension.

1. Focus on the kitchen. It’s known as the ‘heart of the home’, and potential buyers value it so much.  Some easy kitchen improvement ideas that can add value are:

▪️Invest in modern worktop surfaces
▪️Get new kitchen tiles – be bold and opt for a few more striking patterned tiles to create a statement backsplash
▪️Paint your cupboard doors
▪️Swap the cupboard door knobs for quirky ones

2. Add more storage space. Buyers can be easily turned off if they discover that there isn’t enough storage. Here’s how to add extra storage when opening (and budget) is limited:

▪️Make use of space on blank walls by building shelves.
▪️Work out what you can do with any unused nooks and crannies. For instance, the dead space underneath your stairs. Could you add a cupboard there?
▪️Study the layout of your property layout, and you may discover dead space you didn’t even realise existed.

3. Make your home more energy-efficient. More home buyers are interested in finding out a property’s energy efficiency before investing in it. some tips on how to improve your home’s efficiency:

▪️Ensure windows and doors are double-glazed for effective insulation
▪️Invest in a heating system with adjustable settings so that comfortable temperatures won’t mean racking up bills
▪️Invest in LED lights and solar panel heating. Some of these improvements come at a cost, but they’ll benefit your wallet and the planet.

4. Create a more open-plan home. Create the illusion of more space by knocking down a few walls, as several modern buyers are attracted to open-plan layouts. Don’t attempt this yourself, though. Instead, we recommend consulting a local residential architect who can show you how to do this to maximise the space in your property.

We hope these ideas have helped, but if you want to discuss your home move and what can be done more, please just get in touch.

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