Essential Moving Day Checklist

The Essential Moving Day Checklist

Moving day is an exciting yet often stressful time as it can be challenging to keep track of all the tasks that need to be completed and the supplies needed for a successful move. For people moving home, it’s crucial to have an organised checklist that can help ensure a smooth and successful move. So we thought we would outline the essential moving day checklist for people moving home.

First, having a checklist is essential when it comes to moving day. Not only does it help to keep track of the tasks that need to be completed, but it also helps to ensure everything is remembered. This checklist is specifically designed for people moving home and includes both pre-moving items and items that must be completed on the day of the move.

Pre-Moving Checklist

It’s important to have a pre-moving checklist to ensure all the necessary preparations for the move are taken care of before moving day. Here are some essential items that should be included on your pre-moving checklist:

  • Change address: Make sure to notify all relevant parties (post office, credit card companies, telephone, internet etc.) of your new address.

  • Arrange transportation: This includes renting a truck or van if necessary, as well as arranging for any additional help you may need, such as a removal company.

  • Insurance: research and ensure you have the relevant insurance to cover any accidents whilst moving.

  • Obtain boxes and packing supplies: Make sure to have enough boxes and packing supplies on hand before the move.

  • Create a moving day survival kit: This should include items like toiletries, snacks, and any other essentials you may need during the move.

  • Take measurements of the new home: This will help you ensure all your furniture will fit in your new home.

  • Make arrangements for pets: If you have pets, make sure to make arrangements for them on the day of the move.

  • Create a floor plan and take pictures of each room: Once you get to your new home, this will help you decide where to place furniture and other items.

  • Take inventory of items: It’s important to keep track of all your belongings before and after the move to prevent any losses or damage. This includes taking photographs of your furniture etc to ensure no damage is done in the move.

  • Disconnect utilities: Make sure to disconnect all utilities at your old home before the move.

  • Back up important data: Make sure to back up any important documents or data before the move in case anything gets lost during the process.

  • Arrange a post redirection with the Royal Mail.

  • Label boxes: Labeling boxes with their contents and destination room will make it easier to unload and unpack later on.

Moving Day Checklist

On the day of the move, there are some essential tasks that need to be completed for everything to go smoothly. Some essential items that should be included on your moving day checklist are:

  • Pack an overnight bag: This should include all the essentials you’ll need for the first night in your new home.

  • Take the final meter readings of your old home and meter readings in your new home and pass them onto the relevant suppliers.

  • Load the moving truck: If you are doing the move yourself, or helping, make sure all items are securely loaded onto the truck before heading off to your new home.

  • Clean the old place: Make sure all areas are cleaned before leaving your old home. Take photographs of the empty rooms to show the condition you have left them in.

  • Check your essential moving day personal items: List to include – important documents (e.g., passports, birth certificates, bank account information etc., phones and charger packs, medication, essential cleaning materials, toilet paper, your overnight bag, snacks and water, something to amuse the children(!), torch, tape measure, any valuables, heirlooms or irreplaceable items, towels.

  • Unload the moving truck: Once you get to your new home, unload all items from the truck in an organised manner.

  • Set up bed: Making sure your bed is set up first is essential for a successful first night in your new home.

  • Connect utilities: Ensure all utilities are connected at your new home before settling in.

  • Return rental equipment: Any rental equipment should be returned on time to avoid extra charges or fees.


It seems a lot, but having a checklist is essential for a successful move. It helps keep track of all tasks that need to be completed, both before and on moving day and ensures everything is remembered along the way. We hope this blog post has helped prepare for a successful move for people moving home!

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