Tips to Sell Your Home in the Summer

Tips to Sell Your Home in the Summer

Summer is a popular time to sell a home for many reasons. The warmer weather and longer days make it easier for potential buyers to view properties, and homes often have better curb appeal during this season. As a motivated home seller looking to take advantage of the summer housing market, you’ll want to make the most of this opportunity by preparing your home in the best possible way. So today, we will provide tips and tricks to make your home more attractive to buyers and increase your chances of a successful sale.

Tip: Enhance Curb Appeal

First impressions are crucial when it comes to selling a home, and the exterior of your house is the first thing potential buyers will see. Enhancing your home’s curb appeal can significantly increase its attractiveness and make it stand out from the competition.

Some ways to improve your curb appeal include:

  • Apply a fresh coat of paint to your home’s exterior.
  • Landscape and maintain a well-groomed front garden, or if there is no front garden, add colourful annuals and perennials to containers for an eye-catching display.
  • Clean windows and repair any damaged screens.
  • Power wash your driveway and any outdoor living spaces.
  • Prune overgrown trees and shrubs to create a more open and inviting space.

A clean, welcoming exterior will entice potential buyers to want to see more of your home.

Tip: Use Lighting to Your Advantage

Natural light can significantly affect how your home looks and feels to potential buyers – bright, airy spaces feel more inviting than dark, cramped rooms. To maximise natural light, ensure that all windows are spotless and remove heavy curtains or blinds that may be blocking sunlight.

In addition to natural light, consider using artificial light to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home. Replace any burnt-out bulbs and add lamps or accent lighting where needed to brighten up darker areas.

Tip: Stage Your Home for Summer

Staging is arranging furniture and décor in your home to make it more appealing to potential buyers. A well-staged home can help buyers envision living in the space and lead to a quicker sale.

Some summer-themed staging ideas include:

  • Incorporate bright colours in your décor, such as throw pillows, area rugs, or artwork.
  • If you are lucky enough to enjoy patio doors, throw them open on sunny days to showcase the great outdoor/indoor living opportunities.
  • Display fresh flowers in vases throughout your home.

Additionally, decluttering and depersonalising your home are essential when staging. Remove personal items, such as family photos and knickknacks, to allow buyers to imagine their belongings in the space.

Tip: Keep Your Home Cool and Comfortable

During the summer months, it’s essential to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home for showings and open houses. A hot and stuffy environment can deter potential buyers from spending much time in your property. Some ways to keep your home cool include:

  • Using air conditioning or fans to circulate air.
  • Close window shades or blinds during the hottest parts of the day.
  • Open windows in the early morning or evening to let in cooler air,

In addition to temperature control, consider using pleasant scents to create a welcoming atmosphere. For example, fresh flowers or lightly-scented candles can help make your home more appealing to buyers.

Tip: Create an Outdoor Living Space

An outdoor living space can be a major selling point for potential buyers, offering additional functional space for relaxing, entertaining, or dining al fresco. To create an inviting outdoor space that appeals to a wide range of buyers, consider the following tips:

  • Add comfortable seating and dining areas with stylish, weather-resistant furniture.
  • Incorporate shade solutions like umbrellas, pergolas, or shade sails to provide relief from the sun and create a more comfortable environment.
  • Consider adding a fire pit, outdoor fireplace, or water feature to enhance the ambience and create a cosy gathering spot.
  • Showcase outdoor lighting options such as string lights, lanterns, or solar-powered path lights for evening showings, highlighting the usability of your outdoor space after dark.

Tip: Showcase Your Existing Garden Space

A functional garden space that offers beauty and practicality can draw potential buyers significantly. To showcase your garden as a versatile and valuable asset, consider these tips:

  • Clearly define garden beds and borders with edging materials such as bricks, stones, or metal edging to create a polished and organised appearance.
  • Incorporate a mix of plants in your garden design, including flowering perennials, evergreens, and ornamental grasses.
  • Update garden accessories and furniture by painting or replacing worn items, adding a fresh and modern touch to your outdoor space.
  • Highlight any fruit trees or vegetable gardens that demonstrate the productive potential of your garden space.
  • Consider adding a small shed or grow-house to provide additional storage and growing space, further enhancing your garden’s functionality.

Tip: Address Problem Areas

Before listing your home for sale, addressing any garden issues that may deter potential buyers or negatively impact your property’s value is essential. To ensure your garden is in its best possible condition, consider the following tips:

  • Repair or replace damaged fencing or hardscaping elements such as pathways, patios, or retaining walls to create a well-maintained and inviting outdoor space.
  • Remove and replace dead or diseased plants to improve your garden’s overall health and appearance.
  • Water your lawn regularly, especially during the summer months when grass can quickly become parched and brown. Aim for early morning or late evening watering to minimise evaporation and ensure optimal absorption.
  • Address any drainage issues to prevent standing water and protect your property from potential damage.
  • If you have significant landscaping concerns or lack the time and expertise to tackle them, consider hiring a professional landscaper to help prepare your garden for sale.

Take advantage of the summer housing market by implementing these suggestions and making your home as attractive as possible to potential buyers. 

We wish you the best of luck in your home-selling endeavours, and if you are ready to sell your home in West Lothian, as local estate agents, we know the region better than anyone! Please speak to a member of our team today who can advise you on other ways to help sell your home and achieve the best possible price.

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