Dressing Your Haunted House for Sale: A How-to and How-not-to

Hello, house sellers and Halloween lovers! It’s coming up to that time of the year again. The season of carved pumpkins, eerie ghosts, ghoulish costumes and endless sweet treats. But what happens when your favourite spooky season coincides with your house being up for sale on the market? Keep calm and read on. Here’s how to strike a harmonious balance between embracing the Halloween spirit and keeping your house appealing to potential buyers.

Having Your Halloween Cake and Eating It Too…

  1. Let Pumpkins be your guide: Far from being scary, pumpkins bring a comforting and autumnal feel to any house. Whether real or artificial, pumpkins on the front doorstep, window sill, or as a centrepiece convey a homey sensation, and they can be easily removed after a house viewing.
  2. Witchy Wreaths: Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas! A tasteful, Halloween-themed wreath on your front door is a stylish, subtle way to celebrate the haunted season while keeping it classy.
  3. Less is More: Halloween decorations are fun, but too many can make your home appear cluttered and smaller than it is. Stick to a few standout pieces to maintain an organised and spacious look.

Autumn Foliage: Incorporate autumnal decorations using leaves, pine cones, and seasonal flowers. They help maintain a Halloween feel while keeping the aesthetics warm and inviting.

A Creep Too Far: Things to Avoid

  1. Say ‘NO’ to Gruesome Decorations: While transforming your yard into a full-scale zombie apocalypse may thrill you, the same can’t be said for potential buyers. Graphic, violent or extreme horror decorations might scare off more than just the neighbours.
  2. Graveyard Ghosts: A plethora of ghosts floating around might not give the impression of the friendly living space you want to portray. Keep ghostly decorations to a minimum!
  3. Spider Web Caution: While a few strategically placed spider webs can enhance the Halloween feel, covering your house can make it seem poorly maintained and dirty.
  4. Tone Down Inside Decorations: This is a time to showcase the house and its features, not your Halloween collection. Keep interior decorations minimal and ensure they don’t overshadow the house’s charm.
  5. Avoid Blocking Pathways: Ensure your decorations do not obstruct walkways or entrances. Safety first, spooky second!

Ultimately your goal is to sell the house. While being festive can attract footfall, overdoing it could distract from the features of your home. So keep these Halloween decorations fun but stylish. After all, you want potential buyers walking away with thoughts of proposals, not poltergeists.

Remember – Classy, Not Creepy! Happy Halloween and Happy House Selling!

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