The Importance of Respecting Time in Property Viewings blog

The Importance of Respecting Time in Property Viewings

We’re all familiar with the breathtaking bustle of a busy week filled with the promise of potential property viewings. As an estate agent, our first duty of the day is to confirm our roster of enthusiastic prospective buyers. Yet, it may surprise you to learn that a notable percentage of buyers don’t make their viewings, and what’s more, they neglect to cancel.

If You Can’t Attend a Viewing, Please Cancel

We understand that life is sometimes unpredictable, and appointments can slip out of sight during the day’s chaos. However, we’d like to take a moment to note a few crucial points:

  1. The Seller Has Made Preparations for You: The homeowner has taken precious time from their schedule to prepare their property to be seen at its best. This often means vacating the property, corralling kids and pets, and trying to present every corner in the best light.
  2. The Seller May Have Altered Their Plans to Accommodate You: Sometimes, the seller might take it upon themselves to escort you around their former haven, which often results in personal plans set aside.
  3. Your Estate Agent Is Taking Time for the Viewing: Scheduling a viewing, whether late in the evening or on weekends, shows that your estate agent is committing their time to your successful purchase. We urge that this dedication be respected.

With all these thoughts in mind, we ask for a straightforward thing. If you can’t attend your viewing, no worries. We ask that you handle it professionally and cancel. A quick phone call, an email, a text – even a carrier pigeon would do! We assure you that no annoyance will be taken. However, in this busy world where everyone navigates through packed calendars, obligations to families, and work commitments, respecting everyone’s time is the least we can do.

So, the next time you find yourself scheduled for a property viewing – remember to show up, or if you can’t be there, let us know. This seemingly small act of professional courtesy goes a long way. It maintains professional decorum and adds to comfort and understanding between the parties involved, making us a team that thrives on mutual respect and understanding.

At Property Webb, we pride ourselves on our professionalism and commitment to relationships built on respect. And we believe that every small effort counts in upholding these values.

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