Low Hanging Fruit

As the year progresses, the hustle in the property market amplifies. Estate agents often begin their hunt for properties that have been on sale for longer than 12 weeks. The usual approach involves sending out generic advertisement letters, generally addressed to ‘Dear Homeowner’, promising impractical solutions.

Over the past few weeks, we have had a couple of our homes targeted. A few months ago, we even had a property that had just gone on the market targeted within a couple of days. Now, the agent may have felt they were being proactive when, in fact, they insulted our seller by criticising their choice of estate agent.

‘Low-hanging fruit’, though deceptively sweet to the ear, is an unwelcome term in this industry as it reeks of desperation. It showcases agents as vultures circling over disheartened sellers, poised to swoop down at the earliest chance. While some may be genuinely interested in offering help, owing to subpar marketing or a passive agent, for most, it’s an opportunity to further their interests.

Sellers should take no issue with agents who want to assist genuinely. But the reality stands that these letters are sent out with a single goal – to inflate the agent’s market presence and listing numbers. Greater desperation ensues when they are not invited for valuations, leading them to poach from their competitors while painting themselves as the one true knight in shining armour.

Particularly in November and December, which are tough instruction months, agents who find their negotiation power weakening might resort to any means to reach their target.

If your chosen estate agent is not meeting your expectations, it may be worth talking to another agent. However, before venturing out, remember to do thorough research.

1. Visit their website

2. Inspect their marketing claims

3. Examine their listings on property websites such as Rightmove which will show the date there properties went on the market or the date it was reduced.

Engage your present agent in conversation and express your concerns. An agent who genuinely cares for your cause will have another marketing strategy ready if not already in place.

Remember, several external factors can inhibit a sale in today’s high-interest and living cost market. Changes to the buyer pattern and seasonality factors can also play a crucial role in your home sale.

Above all, in a price-sensitive market, creating the dream property for every buyer requires perfect alignment of price, presentation, and promotion at the time of launch.

Hence, in testing times like these, an understanding estate agent who has your best interests at heart and holds in-depth knowledge of the local market is more an ally than a service provider. At Property Webb, we are committed to going beyond being a service provider and aim to become your biggest ally in navigating the property market.

Whether you’re planning to buy or sell property, our team of skilled agents has extensive local market knowledge and the empathy to consider each client’s needs. We take great pride in our 5-star reviews and lifelong client relationships. Connect with us today and see how we can be at the heart of your move.

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