What Happens During a Property Valuation? An Insight from Samantha, Property Webb’s Founder and Owner

Knowing your property’s value is the cornerstone to stride confidently into the realm of home-selling opportunities. Your decision to relocate, move up to a larger home, or downsize for added financial stability hinges significantly on the valuation of your property. Samantha, the founder and owner of Property Webb, is an industry veteran and an expert in rightly pricing homes to ensure timely and financially successful sales. In this blog, she sheds light on what one can anticipate during a property valuation.

The Pre-Visit Phase

Before Samantha steps into your premises, there will be several inquiries already addressed to gain a comprehensive insight into your home and any modifications you have made to the property. Other key factors include your duration of residence and your motivations for moving.

The Day of the Visit

Samantha will revisit the pre-obtained information on her visit, a wonderful opportunity to uncover any overlooked details. She conducts a thorough exploration of your house, providing a well-rounded perspective on potential enhancement areas that could encourage your sale.

The discussion will segue into the market’s volatility, the demand for homes similar to yours, and the competition in that particular niche. Also, an analysis of current market patterns and a comparison with similar properties in the same area.

The conversation will cover the suggested right price for your property, the marketing strategy for your property, the support and administration management functions, and more about our business ethos. You’ll gain a clear idea about how we aim to help you bag the best possible price for your property.

Getting the perfect launch price for your property is pivotal to achieving the best price and prompt sale. Our team at Property Webb is committed to making this process as comprehensible and straightforward for you. So don’t hesitate to touch base with us for your personalised estate agent experience.

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